Chan Chi Hung SC 陳志鴻 資深大律師
Call : 1984 (HK) Silk : 2005 (HK)
Set : Annex
Practice Areas
ArbitrationChanceryCommercial LawCompany and InsolvencyLand and Property LawProbate and Administration
Email : [email protected] Secretary : Joey Leung [email protected]

Chan Chi Hung SC has over 3 decades of civil litigation experience in trust, probate, lands, companies, and commercial disputes.

  • Senior Counsel (since 2005)

  • Bachelor of Laws (second upper) (Hons) from the London School of Economics, University of London (1983)
  • PCLL at the University of Hong Kong (1984)

  • Deputy Chairman of the Board of Review (Inland Revenue Ordinance) (sitting as Chairman in hearing appeals) from July 2013 to June 2016
  • Vice Chairman of the Town Planning Appeal Board (sitting as chairman in hearing appeals) from December 2013 to June 2016
  • Vice Chairman of Telecommunications (Competition Provisions) Appeal Board (sitting as Chairman in hearing appeals) from August 2013 to August 2015
  • Vice Chairman of Administrative Appeals Board (sitting as Chairman in hearing appeals) from August 2011 to August 2014
  • Member of the ICAC Complaints Committee, and a member of the Appeal Board on Public Meetings and Procession from January 2011 to December 2012
  • Chairman of the Appeal Tribunal Panel (Buildings) from February 2007 to February 2010
  • Vice Chairman of the Municipal Services Appeals Board from 2005 to 2011


China Nonferrous Metals (Hong Kong) Finance Company Ltd & others v South-East Asia Investment Holding Company Ltd & Others (CACV 253/2012)

First Laser Ltd v Fujian Enterprises (Holdings) Company Ltd, Jian An Investment Ltd (HCA 4414/2001)

廈門新景地集團有限公司 formerly known as 廈門市鑫新景地房產有限公司 (CACV 158/2012)

Chan Kon Fung v Gallop Pioneer Ltd, L’Sea Resources International Holdings Ltd (HCA 1357/2011)

Wong Lung v The Chinese University of Hong Kong Employee’s Credit Union (HCA 1122/2010)

Wingtech Group (HK) Ltd v Tat Chun Printed Circuit Board Co Ltd (CACV 223/2014)

Commercial / Mortgage

Catherwood Limited v Feng Jin Liang & others (HCA 1052/2014)


The Kwangtung Provincial Bank v Chung Sun Kwan & others (HCMP 7711/1999)

Tsoi Ping Hung, Man Hing Cheung v Cheung Chow Lan, Tsoi Man Po and Tsoi Ko Chiu (FAMV 34/2015)


Chow Sau Hei v Ho Keung, Yuen & Smart Creator International Ltd (CACV 112/2013)

Chow Sau Hei v Ho Keung Yuen & Cheung Suk Chun Fintasy Ltd (CACV 113/2013)

Chow Sau Hei v Ho Keung Yuen & Turbo Cheer Development Ltd (CACV 114/2013)

Antenna Investment Ltd v Asia Television Ltd & Others (HCMP 2840/2012)


Birkenhead Properties And Investments Ltd v Lam Kai Man & Person(s) in occupation of the land (HCMP 1588/2012)