Abigail Liu 廖鈺兒
Call : 2019 (HK)
Set : Annex
Practice Areas
Administrative and Public LawCommercial LawCompany and InsolvencyCriminal LawEmploymentFamily LawIntellectual PropertyLand and Property LawProbate and AdministrationTort and Personal Injuries
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Abigail joined Chambers in 2019 after completing her pupillage with Mr. Graham Harris SC, Mr. Tim Kwok, Ms. Catherine Wong, Mr. Simon Wong and Mr. Jeffrey Tam.

Abigail is developing broad civil and criminal practice.  She has experience in areas such as family and matrimonial matters, public law, land, tort, personal injuries, employee compensation, commercial litigation, trusts, probate and contract.

Abigail has been instructed to appear in the Magistracies, the Lands Tribunal, District Court and High Court.

Abigail accepts instructions in all areas of work. She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Putonghua. She is capable of providing written submissions and conducting hearings in both English and Chinese.

PCLL (Distinction in Property Transactions), The University of Hong Kong  (2018)
LLB, The University of Hong Kong (2017)
Good Hope School (2013)

1st Runner Up, University of Hong Kong Criminal Law Moot (2017)

• 2020-2021 Semester 1: Part-time lecturer of Constitutional and Administrative Law of UOW College Hong Kong

• 2020-2021 Semester 2: Part-time lecturer of Crime and Criminal Law of UOW College Hong Kong

Sole Contributing Author, Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong: District Council Ordinance, Cap. 547, LexisNexis (2021)

Co-Author, Atkin’s Court Forms of Hong Kong, Issue 82, Title II – Compromise & Settlement, LexisNexis (2021) (with Mr. Simon Wong)


Loan disputes

• Acted for the Defendant in successfully resisting the Plaintiff’s application for summary judgment on dishonoured cheque and the Plaintiff’s subsequent appeal to the District Court: Luk Wai Ho v. Fang Yu (DCCJ 4744/2019) [2021] HKDC 1345

• Represented the successful 2nd Defendant in resisting the Plaintiff’s claim for allegedly due loan repayments entered into on his behalf by the 1st Defendant without authority in Yuan Yuqin v. Cheung Hiu Yan, Fion and Another [2020] HKCFI 1419 (with Mr. Simon Wong).

• Acting for an alleged debtor in setting aside default judgment and charging order on his property (HCA 1746/2018)

Sale and purchase disputes

• Acting for a car purchaser in setting aside an order for the vehicle licence to be transferred back to seller from the purchaser (HCMP 710/2020)

• Representing a company in defending an action concerning the transfer of a promissory note, involving counterclaims for tort of deceit and unjust enrichment (HCA 2079/2017)

Contractual disputes

• Acting for the Plaintiff in a dispute over his entitlement to the consultancy service fee payable by the Defendant company who engaged his design services. The Defendant counterclaimed against the Plaintiff for breach of contractual duties by delivering allegedly unsatisfactory designs that caused losses to the company (DCCJ 1526/2022)

• Appeared for the successful Defendant in striking out the Plaintiff’s entire action for breach of contract and promissory estoppel against her late father’s estate: Ching Chung Yin Secina v Ching Chung Kam Andrew in his capacity as the executor of the estate of Ching Chi Sau, deceased (HCA 1643/2021)



Adverse possession

• Advised and acting for the Defendants in their adverse possession claim against the Plaintiff (DCMP 2932/2020)

• Rendered advice to client on adverse possession claims against co-owners of the property

Beneficial ownership in land

• Acting for the Plaintiff in claiming beneficial ownership in property purchased with her former boyfriend as joint tenants (HCA 279/2022)

• Representing a joint tenant in defending a claim by the other joint tenant, his former girlfriend, who claims full beneficial interest in the flat (with Mr. Simon Wong) (HCA 1825/2018)

Claims against estate

• Appeared for the 1st to 5th Defendants in successfully striking out the Plaintiff’s claims for beneficial interest in her late father’s properties and for breach of contract against her brother (Wu Ming Wai Alice v Simon Wu Ming Fat and Others, HCA 329/2021)

Compulsory sale

• Acted for one of the respondents in relation to a site on King’s Road and Pan Hoi Street(LDCS 28000/2018)

• Acted for one of the respondents who asserted, in separate proceedings, a beneficial interest in the relevant flat subject to the sale (Orient Sea Investments Ltd and Others v. Cheung Wing Ching and Others [2020] HKLdT 30).

Landlord & tenant

• Acted for the tenant whose deposit was withheld by the landlord after vacant possession due to the tenant’s alleged breach of lease provisions (DCCJ 4006/2018 and DCCJ 2497/2018)



• Acted for the executrix/widow in relation to a Cap. 481 application by the deceased’s former spouse, with quantum in issue (FCMP 164/2022)

• Handled a mother’s application for variation of maintenance (FCMC 4395/2012)

• Represented the mother/petitioner in a dispute on ancillary relief and matters related to her children – custody, care and control, and access (FCMC 14604/2019)

• Assisted the father/petitioner in reaching a satisfactory settlement in a dispute on ancillary relief and child custody (FCMC 13262/2021)



Industrial accidents

• Acting for an airport worker who sustained spinal injuries while performing his job of docking aircrafts (DCPI 589/2020)

Employees’ compensation

• Acted as sole advocate for the 1st Respondent in resisting an EC claim which hinged on the existence of an employer-employee relationship. Trial conducted in punti (Chan Fu Hong v Tai Chi Pang (戴志朋) and another [2020] HKDC 688).

Water leakage disputes

• Represented the successful plaintiff in seeking damages against his neighbour, despite the absence of direct supporting evidence: Ocean Allied Ltd v Hui Sze Kuen and Another (DCCJ 4732/2014) [2022] HKDC 760

• Acting for the Defendant whose flat was allegedly the source of water that seeped twice into the flat one floor below (DCCJ 1282/2022)

• Acting for Plaintiff whose flat was affected by water leakage from the Defendant’s flat located directly one floor above (LDBM 11/2023).

• Acted for the Plaintiff in proceedings against the building’s Incorporated Owners and management company. Case was eventually settled with terms favourable to the Plaintiff. Also advised on merits of a potential Order 14 application(DCCJ 2280/2022)

• Representing the Incorporated Owners of a residential building in contesting liability before the Lands Tribunal (with Mr. Tim Kwok) (LDBM 130/2014)

• Secured a satisfactory settlement for a client who suffered losses from water leakage, and advised on impact of the settlement sum on client’s ability to recover costs (DCCJ 1125/2020)



• Matter related to Mental Health Ordinance — advising the guardian/daughter of a mentally incapacitated person (MIP) in applying to the High Court for authorisation to manage the MIP’s assets



Election petition

• Acted for the successful 2nd Respondent, a chairman of Incorporated Owners, in striking out an election petition which involved the first judicial interpretation of section 51 of the District Councils Ordinance, Cap. 547 (with Mr. Jeffrey Tam) (董健莉 吳定霖及另二人 HCAL245/2020, [2021] HKCFI 514)

• Acted (with Mr. Jeffrey Tam) for the successful Respondent, an elected District Councillor, in resisting the election petition against her. Issue was whether statements expressed in the Respondent’s election leaflets were false or misleading and constituted “illegal conduct” (Koo Yeung Pong v Chan Kim Kam HCAL 270/2020; [2021] HKCFI 344)

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