Simon Wong 王星

Simon specializes in personal injury litigation and commercial dispute resolution.  In his personal injury practice, he has been instructed in more than 400 personal injury and medical negligence cases and has extensive experience in representing claimants as well as defendants which provides him with knowledge and insight from both sides of legal claims to effectively advise clients.  Simon’s large defendant based practice sees him regularly instructed by insurers including Allied World, Asia, BOCG, China BOCOM, China Pacific, China Taiping, Pacific, QBE, Swiss Re and Zurich.  Other clients include KMB, private hospitals, HKHA, DOJ and property developers.

In his commercial litigation practice, his experience includes company and shareholders’ disputes, insolvency and contractual disputes.  He also has an ever-increasing experience in probate, trust and land matters including Chinese customary law.

Simon is also an ADR practitioner.  A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators, Simon accepts appointment as an arbitrator.  His experience includes commercial, insurance and construction arbitration and arbitration-related court proceedings.  He also has a busy mediation and negotiation practice since receiving his accreditation in 2008 and has vast experience in mediating cases ranging from commercial claims to family disputes.

Simon is a part-time lecturer teaching the PCLL programme in the University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong.

  • Solicitor (Hong Kong) (2004-2006)
  • Fellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb)
  • Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (FHKIArb)
  • HKMAAL Accredited Mediator
  • HKMC Accredited Mediator
  • JMHO Mentor Mediator

  • LLB, University of Hong Kong (2001)
  • PCLL, University of Hong Kong (2002)

Part-Time Lecturer, PCLL, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong (Civil Litigation, Employment Law & Practice)

Part-Time Lecturer, PCLL, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong (Civil Litigation, Trial Advocacy, Interlocutory Advocacy and Interviewing, Legal Drafting and Writing)


Yeung Ho Man v Shum Kin Leung & The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited [2020] HKCFI 2531: represented the defendants at trial and persuaded the Court to dismiss the plaintiff’s claim with costs on indemnity basis

張麗珍 Leighton Able Joint Venture及另一人 [2019] HKDC 1259: represented the employer respondent at trial and persuaded the Court to dismiss the EC application

Zou Shengzhu v Sang Fu Engineering Ltd & Anor, DCPI 312/2019: represented the defendants and persuaded the court to dismiss the plaintiff’s application for psychiatric expert evidence

Thapa Hari Bahadur v Paramount Engineering & Manpower Service Ltd & Anor, HCPI 408/2016: represented the defendants and persuaded the court to dismiss the plaintiff’s application for pain management expert evidence

Pangma Dambar Dhoj v Dragages Hong Kong Limited & Anor [2018] 2 HKLRD 1436: represented the Defendants in court of appeal and the trial and persuaded the Court to dismiss the plaintiff’s claim with costs

Xu Xinhong v Cheung Chu Lau [2018] HKCFI 327: represented the plaintiff in the assessment of damages and persuaded the court to award future loss of earnings; [2019] HKCFI 1691: persuaded the court to award enhanced interest on damages and costs to the plaintiff

Wan Fai Nam v Secretary for Justice for and on behalf of Director of The Leisure & Cultural Services, HCPI 882/2014: represented the plaintiff in trial to obtain damages of $2.5 million

Thapa Kulbahadur v Grand Tech Construction Co Ltd, DCEC 878/2011: represented the Respondent in trial to contest liability and argued costs to be paid by the Applicant on an indemnity basis

Tsang Sung Lui as dependent for herself and on behalf of other dependents of Ruan Wen Fang, deceased v Kong Kin Chung, HCPI 636/2010: represented the Plaintiff in the assessment of damages arising from the deceased’s death as a result of the Defendant’s medical negligence

Lai Cheong Ming v Cheng Chung Yu Eric trading as Hui Fung Metal Work Factory & Anor, HCPI 504/2009: represented the Plaintiff in trial, established liability and argued future loss of earnings

Advised the administrator of a deceased who died after a surgery of partial resection of right kidney and total removal of left kidney in an action against the private surgeon for medical negligence

Advised the claimant against a private medical practitioner for prescribing medicine to which the claimant was allergic

Advised the claimant against a private eye doctor for conducting an eye surgery without informed consent

Advised a private hospital to strike out a patient’s claim arising from medical negligence


Chu Yu Bun v Lai Shiu Woon (formerly known as Ng Shiu Woon) [2020] HKCFI 2195: represented the Defendant and successfully struck out the Plaintiff’s claim based on constructive trust with costs against the Plaintiff on an indemnity basis

Yuan Yuqin v Cheung Hiu Yan Fion and Chiu Yu Shing [2020] HKCFI 1419: defended the 2nd Defendant in the trial based on forgery and absence of ratification; the Court dismissed the plaintiff’s claim and granted judgment on costs to the 2nd Defendant

Wu Fung Chu v Ng Pak Wing [2020] HKCFI 615: represented the Plaintiff, succeeded in the appeal against Master’s decision, and obtained summary judgment against defendant based on a declaration of trust

Aspiria Nonfood GMBH v Jarrell Trade Limited (HCA 272/2020): obtained urgent ex-parte Mareva and proprietary injunction against the Defendant

Liu Kit Wing v The estate of Liu Fo Hing, Deceased [2019] HKCFI 833: obtained declarations for adverse possession of a 3-storery house in Sheung Shui

Kwong Yuen Seung Ivy & Others v Kwong Kam Hung [2019] HKDC 9: represented the plaintiffs at trial, established common intention construction trust in respect of a property and obtained directions for transfer of property back to plaintiffs

Essex Global Trading Inc. v Kinglite Electronic Co Limited, HCA 1713/2018: obtained urgent ex-parte Mareva injunction against the Defendant

Able (H.K.) Holdings Ltd v CS Construction & Consultancy Ltd,HCA 3171/2016: obtained summary judgment with costs

China Shanshui Cememt Group Limited & Others v Zhang Caikui & Others, HCA 2880/2015: represented a non-executive director of a listed company in defending an action for damages for conspiracy and breach of fiduciary duties

Chu Yu Tin & Anor v Lai Shiu Woon formerly known as Ng Lai Shiu Woon, HCA 3136/2016: resisted plaintiffs’ summary judgment application for transfer of shares in three Hong Kong companies

Multivest Limited v The Incorporated Owners of Yuet Ming Building, HCA 564/2015: represented an owner of a commercial-residential building in suing the Incorporated Owners for breach of DMC and seeking injunctive reliefs, and reached satisfactory outcome

Hung Yuk Mang v Etek Company Limited, HCMP 883/2013: obtained declarations for adverse possession of a piece of land in Hunghom of over 4,000 square feet

莫偉翔 v 香港神托會 & Others, HCA 2597/2005 & HCA 2351/2003: obtained an order of striking out of the Plaintiff’s defamation claim

Tsoi Sau Li, the executrix of the estate of Lam Wing Fai, the Deceased v Lim Yuen Chi, HCA 632/2014: obtained summary judgment of a debt of $5.4m

Hung Tat Industrial Limited v Lim Yuen Chi, HCA 630/2014, resisted striking out application

Smart-Trans Logistics Limited v Great Master Logistics Company Limited & Anor, HCA 610/2014: resisted summary judgment application

Cheung Cho Kam Sindy & Anor v Cheung Yuet Ying Rose, CACV 178/2008: resisted the appeal on conversion and beneficial ownership of properties

Chan Kin Lam v Sunray Cave Limited, HCA 1997/2006: represented the Defendant in trial contesting the contractual claim on the defence of forgery and obtained indemnity costs

Magnum (Investment) Corporation Limited trading as Man Tak Pharmacy v Li Chung Shing Tong (Holdings) Limited, HCA 37/2011: represented the sole Hong Kong distributor in a dispute concerning the medicinal product “Po Chai Pills”


Dispute between a main contractor and a sub-contractor of a luxurious serviced apartment building over the interior fit out work, HKIAC administered; Dispute between an insurance company and the insured over a Property All Risks Policy and a Public Liability Policy arising from a fire incident in a warehouse; Dispute between a main contractor and a sub-contractor in respect of some mechanical works in public hospitals, HKIAC administered; Dispute between an insurance company and the insured over a Public Liability Policy arising from an interior renovation project; Dispute between an insurance company and the insured’s family over a Travel Insurance Policy arising from the death of the insured during travel; Dispute between a Mainland citizen and a Hong Kong company over a commercial contract; Dispute between a Mainland company and a Hong Kong citizen over share transfer in a Mainland company, CIETAC Beijing administered; Dispute between an insurance company and an insured over a motor vehicle policy arising from a fire; Dispute between a Hong Kong company and a Singaporean company over a commercial contract for supply for food with a disputed amount of US$50,000,000


Employees’ compensation/personal injury claims and actions between insured and insurer; Medical negligence claims; Other tort claims including nuisance and defamation claims; Claim under Disability Discrimination Ordinance; Commercial and contract disputes of different nature; Property disputes, including disputes under Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance and under Building Management Ordinance; Intellectual property disputes; Breach of trust actions; Contentious probate actions; Companies winding-up actions; Shareholders’ disputes; Financial disputes in matrimonial cases including disputes under Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Ordinance

Call : 2007
Set : Main
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ArbitrationChanceryCommercial LawMediationProbate and AdministrationTort and Personal Injuries
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