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Denis Chang’s Chambers co-supports the ‘Moot Court Summer School’

Denis Chang’s Chambers for a 2nd consecutive year has co-supported the ‘Moot Court Summer School’ organised by ‘organised by “The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Leadership Institute” in collaboration with “Street Law Hong Kong”

The annual event now in its 3rd year aims to assist F.4 – F.6 students who have an avid interest in Law by providing them with the experience of conducting legal research, formulating legal arguments, and how to engage in persuasive advocacy in the format of a moot.

This year’s theme was “Criminal Law: The Hidden Threats of Cyber Crime”, where the students were split into groups of appellants and respondents and assigned to tackle 1 of 3 mock cases drafted by Counsels Ted Chan and Emily Ting.

To assist in preparing for the moot they were fortunate to receive training on the basics of Criminal Law by experienced Counsel Randy Shek via Zoom.

Randy took the students through a whistle-stop tour of topics such as criminal procedure, classification of offences, and step by step on how a case progresses from the first hearing to mitigation and sentencing.

During the latter part of the week’s summer school, members Geoffrey Yeung, Allison Wong and Samantha Lau attended Hong Kong University to provide an advocacy skills workshop.

Each opened the sessions with an introduction to mooting, and how to tackle each of the assigned moot questions. The sessions later evolved with them being educated on the standard practice for preparing a skeleton argument, before wrapping up with helpful tips and first-hand advice on how to strengthen their submission and to successfully present their legal arguments in moot court.

The mooting competition marked the final day of the summer school which was held at HKFYG Leadership Institute located within ‘The Former Fanling Magistracy’.

The students commenced their rounds of mooting which were individually judged by Jun Lee, Stephanie Lam and Jeffrey Tam. Each Judge was asked to mark the students on their presentation and clarity of arguments, use of authorities, courtroom manner and responses to judicial questioning.


After completing the final session the students were joined by Guest’s of Honour Former Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma Tao-li and Mr Andy HO executive director of HKFYG. Each provided closing remarks before presenting the prizes alongside Jeffrey Tam to the winning teams and best speakers.

DCC is proud to be involved in various CSR initiatives and supporting ‘The HKYFG Leadership Institute’ is just one of several ways Chambers is committed to giving back to students and helping nurture future talent at the Bar.